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carbon fiber.

The Big Fella is getting old. That's one reason I decided I would investigate the world of new bikes. Another was my friend Jack, with whom I occasionally take 20 mile weekend rides up the west side of Manhattan over the George Washington Bridge, along the cliffs of New Jersey. We're easy to spot among the aluminum and carbon fiber and titanium flashes of the other weekend cyclists, Jack on his purple mountain bike and me steering the Big Fella. Jack is another classicist whose commitment to enduring values many mistake for sociopathy. He believes that the bird flu is a government invention to keep citizens' minds off the spiraling national debt.

What I'm trying to say is that I've always considered myself a classicist, a man who has managed with a great deal of thought and fortitude to turn a deaf ear to the sweet and corrosive siren song of capitalism, a guy who avoids flash for the sake of flash, who believes in the eternal verities, the enduring values. A present day Cary Grant, if you will, a sort of rough hewn individualist who others not so evolved sometimes mistake for hostile, slightly deranged, inappropriately angry and cheap.

"Well, then, what do you suggest?"

Which brings me to my new bike. I don't really need a new bike, of course. I already own one. A beauty. A classic. A machine with solid and enduring values. Gunship gray, all steel (including the rims). Balky gear shifters on the top tube (where gear shifters have worked perfectly well for generations, I might add), Nike Janoski Ladies

"People who get out and ride two or three loops around the park a couple times a week, they're recreational. You ride over the GW Bridge and into New Jersey, you're an enthusiast. Beyond that, you're getting into the competitive ranks. Those are the people who start thinking about carbon fiber and titanium."

"You want to take a test ride?"

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

He suggests I not even consider a bike for less than $600. He suggests that the difference between a $600 bike and a $1,500 one "is like the difference between driving a Yugo and a Porsche." He suggests carbon forks, 105 components, an aluminum frame.

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

"Like I said," he says, "900 percent better."

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

This guy is cunning. To buy some time, I study the bike he suggested. The Beast is a man's bike, a stoic companion through potholes and countless pitfalls. This shiny thing is but a toy.

In shopping for a new bicycle, I'm not going to be a sucker. I'm not going to turn into the bicycle buying equivalent of a triple soy half decaf venti mocha frappuccino might as well just snip my nuts off while you're at it sipping cretin I see every day at Starbucks. I'm not going to get all googly eyed at the mention of "streamlined construction" or "carbon fiber forks" or "wind tunnel tested technology," or whatever other snake oil bike shop salesmen are peddling these days. I'm going to go for classic value.

"The problem with Americans," says the salesman, who speaks with a heavy Brooklyn accent, "is they think of good, better and best. It's not that simple."

"This bike rides great!" I say.

"You're such a child," Jack would say. "You don't think they're all in this together?"

cell and less well lit. She speaks with a heavy accent and tends to leave out articles like "a" and "the."

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Jack's nickname among his few friends is The Angry Canadian. Lately, Jack has been pulling way ahead of me. On his hunk of odious purple metal. And as he passes, he always says, "Hey, Shecky, you having trouble there?" My name is not Shecky.

semi operative brakes and absolutely no quick release or easily adjustable anything. Since when is life supposed to be quick release or easily adjustable? Wouldn't we be better off as a people if teenagers grew familiar with the value of labor intensive hill climbing and coaster brakes and three speeds, rather than the intoxicating and sordid pleasures of granny gears and video games and crack?

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Take a test ride? At the pleasure of the guy who insulted Big Fella, who called me an enthusiast then badmouthed my countrymen? The guy who teased me with carbon fiber, then wouldn't let me have it? No, I think I'm done with this bike shop.

"But Jack, the bird flu is Asian. You're Canadian. I'm American. How can it be a government invention?"

Find Buy a Perfect Bicycle

The salesman at the first shop eyes the Beast as I lock him up.

It's not that I'm a hermit or a Luddite. I own a cell Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks phone. I use the Internet. I have ridden among the snarling racers in Central Park on their custom built machines, with their clip in pedals and water bottle holding shirts. Nothing has given me greater pleasure than the summer afternoon I drafted behind a group of them, then, with a great deal of honest, old fashioned, grunting effort, passed them going uphill. (In hindsight, it's possible they were ending their ride.) Of course, I muttered, "losers," and "tools," and "so long, ladies," in the approximately two seconds that the faithful and never complaining Beast and I edged in front of them. Beast that is my bicycle's name. That, or, when we are engaged in more restful and reflective moments, such as coasting downhill or riding the freight elevator to our smallish and not technically legal but entirely cozy apartment, Big Fella.

"I have nice bike for $420," the saleswoman at the second store I visit tells me. She is the only employee in the shop, which is roughly the size of a prison Nike Sb Leather Brown

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

The Beast and I speed off, and we don't look back.

"Anything you buy here," the salesman says, "will ride 900 percent better than that."

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

Before coffee bars invaded North America, I used to drink mine black, and I remember the first few years I happened to find myself in a Starbucks and someone would order a latte, or a cappuccino, or a "half caf" anything. I would mutter, "sucker," or "loser," or "be a man" into my collar, until the day a large fellow who was fond of mochaccinos told me he'd punch me in the face if I didn't shut up.

"But if carbon fiber is better than aluminum, shouldn't I at least try it?" I have become obsessed with Nike Sb Pink Box 3m

This is not a good beginning: a huge Upper West Side bike shop, which I have heard some in the neighborhood deride as "overstocked and overpriced"; racks upon racks of gleaming inventory; and a supercilious, insulting salesman. But it would demean me, and Big Fella, to argue with this clown, so I don't.

Nike Sb Dunk Low Starbucks

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