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Finding humour amid the horrors

"Their humour was very black. Death was with them all the time and it didn't bother them because they were so familiar with it.

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Deary adds: "Children have Nike Stefan Janoski Max Premium

"Horrible Histories are black comedy for younger readers so the First World War is an appropriate subject. It was the gallows' humour of the people that helped them survive the horrors. It's a lesson in how humanity copes with the worst the world can throw at us. That's what education should be about preparing us for life, the horrible as well as the good."

a bit of trouble relating to a lot of artefacts, say a letter written home from the front, but the exhibition will help them to better understand Nike Stefan Janoski Red Black

The book's unique blend of humour, insight and images sits alongside artefacts from the museum vault which might previously have been overlooked by children and their parents.

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A special Horrible Histories handbook Trenches has also been specially commissioned to coincide with the Nike Janoski Tiffany exhibition and will follow Nike Sb White And Teal

"Some of the humour was based on defiance the fact that you haven't got me yet.

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Nike Janoski Tiffany

Rare objects on display include Kaiser Wilhelm II's greatcoat (made to accommodate his shorter left arm), and a half ton German trench mortar, plus the helmet King George V wore to visit the Western Front.

"It's a story of what happens when machines go to war and humans get in the way. But it's also a story of courage and craziness, brave people and batty people, friendships and fierce hatreds, love.

"The camaraderie was incredible and don't forget, these were mainly young men who had never really wandered too far from the streets where they were born."

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in September.

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"Many of the people who lived through the First World War saw it not as a terrible human tragedy and waste but as a period which defined their lives. It changed them, but not necessarily for the worst.

The Horrible Histories opens with an action packed day of events for families on May 24. Deary will be signing Frightful First World War books and in the museum grounds the Lancastrian Brigade Band and Corps of Drums will be performing First World War tunes all day.

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Highlights include the chance to peer into no man's land with a periscope in a large scale trench, specially drawn for the exhibition by Brown.

A NEW exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North uses the gut wrenching guffaws of the Horrible Histories books to bring one of the worst periods of human conflict to life.

"Of all the history in the world, the story of the First World War also known as the Great War is perhaps the most horrible," he adds.

Children can also have a go at creating their own make do and mend toys, play First World War games and activities and try on clothes of the period. There will also be object handling sessions on trench life and tours about animals' roles in the First World War.

One of Deary's favourite facts from the First World War was that it was possible to make an improvised gas mask by peeing into a handkerchief. Not surprisingly, Deary says he sees no problem in charting the privations of armed conflict in a sometimes grotesque way.

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And as you might expect, there will be plenty of fuel for the schoolboy sniggers which have led the 50 plus books in the Horrible Histories series to sales of more than 20m. "The way people survived those conditions was to laugh. I don't particularly laugh at the situation of the humour, I just simply tell the story through them.

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