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"He stopped taking his medication just before Christmas, but he was a bit hit and miss about taking it."

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Nike Janoski Max Grey Suede

Mr Singleton recorded a verdict that Daniel killed himself. He said: "On the basis of the text messages sent I can only conclude that he understood what the consequences would be and that he intended to kill himself.

The inquest learned a family issue over a car Daniel had bought might have had an impact.

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Nike Janoski Max Grey Suede

"I offer my condolences and I know there is nothing I can say to ease the pain and I know this has been very painful to all concerned."

Just minutes before he jumped, Daniel a student at Blackburn College told his girlfriend Brittany Tremlett he wanted to break up with her.

Girlfriend Brittany said after being told that day by Daniel he wanted to split up with her, she had sent a text to him saying Nike Janoski Max Suede

final texts before death leap

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Mr Singleton read out a statement from Andrew Tippling, a security guard at the Arndale Centre who said he got a call at about 5.30pm to say there was someone on Level Six of the car park.

storey car park where he took his own life.

He then made his way to the sixth level of the centre's multi Nike Stefan Janoski All Black

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She told the inquest: "He told me he wanted to be single, and I told him not to be stupid, but I said I would get my stuff from the house.

East Lancashire Coroner Michael Singleton heard from Daniel's step mother Lindsey Barrett that Daniel had been diagnosed with bi polar disorder, also known as manic depression.

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When he went up, he found Daniel sitting on a wall with his legs over it.

The inquest learnt that he was diagnosed bi polar in 2005.

The inquest heard Mr Tippling asked him to come down from the wall, when he pushed himself off.

Mrs Barrett said: "He had never passed his test and he didn't really have the funds to insure or run it, but he could be quite stubborn on things."

"I was heartbroken, but I promised myself I wouldn't cry as I didn't want to give him the satisfaction."

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A teenager who took his own life by jumping off Accrington's Arndale Centre, texted his stepmother and girlfriend just before he leapt, telling them he was 'sorry'.

he would have to "really grovel" if he wanted to resume the relationship and he replied by saying: "Sorry."

Brittany confirmed there had been an issue relating to the car.

She said: "He was diagnosed when he was 13, so it was about five years ago.

He shouted to ask if he was all right, to which he replied: "I'm good, yes, I'm just thinking."

said: "He once came over to see me in his car even though he didn't have a licence and he promised he would stop, but I later found out he had driven it again."

Daniel Melia, 18, of Water Street jumped 70 feet from the sixth level of the centre's multi storey car park on April 19 after pushing himself off a wall, an inquest heard.

It is believed from there he sent a text to Mrs Barrett which read: "Mum I'm really sorry I didn't tell Nike Janoski Max Grey Suede you about the car and sorry for being a pain, love Daniel."

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